Business Style and Sustainable Development

Business Style and Sustainable Development  Lucia Mariani Matteo Mascia Daniela Signorini Fondazione Lanza
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The book is a collection of some studies and contributions fostered by the Fondazione Lanza in occasion of the V International Conference on Ethics and Environmental Policies. It offers a reflection on the sensitive relationship between the enterprise world and the environment.
The necessity to actively involve enterprises in the achievement of real sustainable development, at the local as well as global scale, represents an objective that, by now, is shared at the political, economic, cultural, and social levels. In particular, the entrepreneurial world is aware of the fact that the challenge to keep creating long-term development and profit, in an increasingly complex and often hostile global economy, is represented by the ability to respond in a dynamic and pro-active way to current social and environmental issues by undertaking new responsibilities and developing innovative planning expertise.
Moving from this consideration, the book, a more-voice text, wants, through the presentation of good practices, to emphasize the effort to integrate theoretical investigation and concrete action and the positive contributions the economic world could offer in protecting the environment. To sum up positions and convictions highlighted  during the Conference, some conclusions have been gathered in a Final Document.

The Fondazione Lanza Center of Advanced Studies in Ethics, is a research center established in Padua (Italy) in 1988. Its specific aim is to contributing to the diffusion of an ethical conception, able to conjugate those values stating the dignity and centrality of the human being as principles of the Christian idea of life with all the challenges coming from both the compelling scientific and technological progresses and the massive changes noticeable in today economical and social systems. The Fondazione Lanza, through its four Projects (Ethics, Philosophy and Theology; Ethics and medicine; Ethics and Environmental Policies; Ethics Economics and Politics), promotes research and studies in the field of ethics, particularly in Applied Ethics, annual and long term projects, coordinates and sponsors courses, public debates, specific educational initiatives and publications.

Business Style and Sustainable Development  Lucia Mariani Matteo Mascia Daniela Signorini Fondazione Lanza
Business Style and Sustainable Development

Lucia Mariani, Matteo Mascia, Daniela Signorini